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Why should I consider ADHD testing?

If attentional difficulties impact your or your child's life in a significant way, it's helpful to KNOW  what it is so that you can treat it correctly and effectively. 


What can I expect from coaching?

Coaching is an individualized process to help you (or your child) where you need it most. Organization? Starting tasks? Getting homework done? Let's work on it. 


Why choose Nuna Munay?

Choosing Nuna Munay is choosing a high quality of care. As a private clinic, we offer speedy services and scheduling. You don't have to wait months to get an appointment, you can usually get in within weeks. We offer a high level of care, both throughout the assessment/coaching process and beyond. Do you have questions a year after testing? We are here to answer them. Want an update to your child's IEP or an advocate at the 504 Plan meeting? We can be there. 


Will insurance help to cover costs?

Nuna Munay is considered "out of network" and clients are responsible for the full monetary balance of services provided. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee if or how much your insurance provider will reimburse you. We can, however, offer the procedure codes upon scheduling for you to give to your insurance company for pre-authorization. Once testing is completed and all payments have been completed, we will e-mail you a "Superbill," which has all the necessary information to make a claim to your insurance provider. Please note that many insurance providers will deny a claim on the first try or may say additional documentation is needed, despite all information required being clearly stated on the Superbill.  



Do you have payment plans?

Yes. Testing is expensive and we want to be sensitive to that fact and the families we serve. We offer payment plans up to 3-months. If you have a special need, please discuss it prior to scheduling. 

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