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Let's Make ADHD Accessible.

We are Utah's first and only full-service ADHD Clinic.

As a specialty ADHD clinic, we know the ins and outs of the medical system and advocate for you. We offer the latest and most innovative assessments and treatments available given by clinicians with the highest expertise. We provide the best level of care for both children and adults. 

Instead of waiting months for your evaluation, we can get you scheduled within 1-4 weeks. Want your results back quickly? No problem, we'll do that, too. 

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ADHD Specialists

The Gold Standard in accessible ADHD Treatment

Why Neuropsychological Assessment for ADHD?

ADHD is just one way your brain tells you, "I'm different," and different is okay. Yet, different may mean that school or work is harder for you than others. Knowing these differences and working with them means a greater chance of success. You came here for answers. We get them to you, plus the tools to succeed.

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ADHD Assessment

Have you wondered about having ADHD, or if your child has ADHD? Maybe you've discussed it with your doctor or child's teacher. This is the first step in gaining clarity and direction to these questions and directing the path forward. You'll work with a neuropsychologist with the highest training available in this phase.

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"Oh my heck! This is so much more useful than anything I’ve gotten!!!"

S.L., Patient's Mother

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