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For Parents

You want the knowledge and understanding to help your child succeed at home and school. 

Your child's teacher (or maybe their pediatrician) has raised the question of whether your child has ADHD, or maybe you've always wondered. It can be scary taking the next step to get definitive answers. Perhaps you fear the stigma of diagnosis or that your child will be labeled 'different' or a 'problem child' in the classroom. We're here to help. A trained neuropsychologist will work with you and your child. You'll walk away with a clear understanding of how your child"s brain functions and what you can do to make your child's and your family life easier. 


We aren't here to tell you that you're a bad parent or that your child will only do well if heavily medicated. Our goal is to empower your child to succeed.

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Help Center

Do you help with school accommodations like a 504 Plan or IEP?

You bet.

Are there ways to help my child succeed at home?

Yup. We'll discuss ways to help create systems so your child can get their chores AND homework done.

Do you have specific help for parents? It's hard parenting a kid with ADHD!

Sure do. Coaching is a good option here and can address concerns with both parents and children.

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