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We Do Things Different.

ADHD should be accessible. 

We want YOU to become the expert in your ADHD.

Our Process: About Me

Our Process

Our Process: Services

Neuropsychological Assessment for ADHD

A fancy way to say, "Do I have ADHD?" To answer this, we have to get an idea of how your brain is functioning. We use modern tools and trained neuropsychologists to help us understand your brain. It's exhausting but worth it!

Nuna Munay is different in how we offer assessment. You won't be waiting months for an appointment or your results. We streamline this process to make our services accessible and easy to navigate.

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Results and Strategies

This is where the magic happens. We will talk about how your brain is functioning, what's working well, and where your challenges are at. You will get an in-depth glimpse at how your brain is working! 


Most importantly, we will give you tools for how to best utilize your brain and make you more successful at work or school. We create actionable plans to make your life easier.


We are dedicated to your success, so we want to make sure you are set up to go rock the world. It's important to know how to be successful, which is where coaching comes in. We'll help you learn and enact skills to help with learning, studying, and working. If the standard way of doing things just doesn't work for you, this is where coaching can help you lift off.

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Vitamins and pills


For some, learning strategies are enough. For others, medications can be helpful to succeeding with ADHD. We take a conservative approach to medications and work hand-in-hand with physicians to prescribe. We provide services in house to ensure you or your child get the best and most modern treatment available. 

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If you need an expert, here we are. We are happy to consult with physicians, pediatricians, schools and universities, family members, you name it. This means helping you with school IEPs or 504 plans, talking with your doctor about your results, or communicating with your family. We're here for you.

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