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Prepare for Assessment Day 

The Day

Preparing for Neuropsychological Testing


INTERVIEW.  We’re talking nitty gritty so that we can select the best tools for assessment. This takes approximately 60 minutes.


ASSESSMENT.  This includes doing many activities because we want to narrow in on your concerns. Some examples include memory activities, answering questions, timed tasks, and computer activities.  


LUNCH usually around 12:30pm.


FINISH between 2-4pm.

Woman Walking in the Field
Sharing Food


Bring: water, snacks

Lunch: You are free to bring a lunch or grab lunch nearby. Some nearby options include Starbucks, Whole Foods, McDonald’s, Taco Bell, and Lone Star Taqueria


Prepare your child for testing the week and day before. Talk about doing activities and missing school for the day. 

Parents are welcome to wait in the waiting area for the duration of the testing day and wifi is available. If parents do go off-sight, it is recommended to stay close and provide contact information in case of emergency. Please, do not bring other children to the appointment.

Mother and Son
Doctor's Appointment


When you leave, we will schedule a feedback session. Feedback is when we meet and discuss the results of the assessment. We put all the pieces to the puzzle together and make sure you leave feeling knowledgeable about diagnoses and how they affect you. We also go over specific recommendations to help you navigate your life.

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